Working On EWS

We think that you’ll have the best success in CS 125 working on your own personal computer—preferably a laptop. However, if you need to use the engineering workstations in the basement of Siebel and other engineering buildings, instructions follow.

1. Git and Java

Happily both Git and Java are already installed on the EWS machines. At present Java is still on version 1.8, and it is the open source OpenJDK rather than the proprietary Oracle JDK. We don’t think that this is going to matter, but if you are worried that it might you can install Oracle Java by following the instructions on their web site.

2. IntelliJ

IntelliJ is available using the EWS Linux software modules system. The screencast above walks you through the process of activating and using the module. At that point you can continue with the instructions about installing the checkstyle IntelliJ plugin and establishing your CS 125 MP workflow.

CS 125 is now CS 124

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