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The internet is full of information, and particularly full of information about computer science. We will not actively curate a list of online resources here 1, since Google is by far the best way to find out more. But what follows are a few examples of high-quality materials that may help you learn Java.

This list is just the tip of the iceberg, but it should make it clear that if you want to learn Java, you can. We’re hear to provide help and inspiration along the way.

1. Learning

2. Practice

3. Playgrounds

  • Our online slides provide embedded editable examples that use our own homegrown playground called Jeed.

  • But other online Java playgrounds exist, including JDoodle.

4. Textbooks

In the past CS 125 assigned readings from the comprehensive and free online textbook Introduction to Programming Using Java, Seventh Edition, by David J. Eck of Hobart and William Smith Colleges. This textbook is available in several formats, including as a PDF (PDF). There are also examples programs included—see the website for more details.

CS 125 is now CS 124

This site is no longer maintained, may contain incorrect information, and may not function properly.

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