Ready to Start

Let’s get started! The goal of our first lab is to prepare you to begin work on MP0. You’ll prepare your development environment by installing Java and IntelliJ, and walk through the process of committing and submitting your work using Git.

1. Introductions (15 Minutes)

But first let’s spend a few minutes getting to know each other.

Make sure that you introduce yourself to your teaching assistant, and to the volunteer course assistants that are helping with your section. This is also a great opportunity to meet other students! At some point during this lab section, try to find:

  • a person from your dorm

  • a person from the same major

  • a person with programming experience…​

  • …​and one without programming experience

  • somebody very different from you

Make it a goal today to learn and remember the names of five other students. The course staff will be working hard this semester to learn your names—but please be patient with us.

1.1. Working Together

You’ll frequently be working together in groups in our lab sections…​ and for the rest of your life as a technologist. So it’s something worth getting good at.

When working with a new group of people, it’s best to try to get out of your comfort zone a bit—especially at first. If you’re used to doing a lot of talking, try to listen and make room for other voices. And if you’re a bit on the quiet side, try to speak up and actively participate. Things get easier once everyone gets comfortable with each other.

2. Environment Preparation (45 Minutes)

Next we’re going to get you set up with the tools that you need to write computer code for this course.

2.1. Enable Google Integration

In order to log on to the forum, and use our online grade interface, you need to enable Google integration for your account. Follow this link and walk through the instructions for undergraduate (probably) or graduate (unlikely) students. The screencast above demonstrates the process.

2.2. Setup Tutorials

There are three setup tutorials to complete;

Once you complete the tutorials above, continue with the rest of the lab as described below. Don’t go on until you’ve installed everything properly and gone through the introduction to Git.

3. Practice With MP0 (50 Minutes)

Now let’s walk through the process of obtaining, developing, and submitting MP0. It’s due in less than two weeks, so we want you to get comfortable with this process right away.

To complete this part of lab, read through and follow the MP0 instructions. Don’t leave your lab section until you have successfully submitted MP0—even if your submission doesn’t earn any points yet. If you finish early, find someone who hasn’t finished and help them out. Future labs will have points for collective achievement, so this is a good chance to practice working together with your entire section.

4. Before You Leave

Don’t leave lab until:

  1. You have enabled Google Apps integration and logged on successfully to the forum

  2. You have installed Java and IntelliJ

  3. You have gone through our Git and GitHub tutorial

  4. You have obtained a copy of MP0…​

  5. …​and made your first submission

  6. And so has everyone else in your lab section!

If you need more help, please come to office hours, or post on the forum.

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