Joining CS 125 Late

You can join CS 125 late—during the first few weeks of the semester. But you’ll need to catch up right away. This page contains instructions on how to do that.

Please follow the steps below carefully.

1. Enable Google Apps Integration

Follow these instructions to activate Google login for your email address.

2. Sign Up for Temporary Course Access

It can take up to a day for your registration to appear in our systems. While you are waiting, we suggest you use this form to sign up to receive temporary access to the Spring 2020 course forum and be put on our mailing lists. Once you complete the form, wait one hour and you should be able to log in to the course forum.

Note that temporary access will end on 2/20/2020, so you must officially register before that point.

3. Follow the Lab 0 Instructions

At this point you should go through the steps in Lab 0.

4. Review Forum Announcements

At this point you should have access to the forum. This is a great place to ask further questions!

You should also review all posts in the announcements category. This is how we distribute information about CS 125.

5. Review the Lecture Slides and Videos

As you complete the homework you’ll want to go through our online lecture slides and view any videos that are available. If videos for this semester have not yet been posted you can review videos from a previous semester. The content covered in the first few weeks doesn’t change much from semester to semester.

6. Complete the Homework

Once you have completed the Lab 0 instructions you should make sure that you have finished all available homework problems. Note that the first set of homework problems is available until the end of the third week of class (2/10/2020). So you have time to catch up and finish them.

7. If You Missed Our First (or Second) Quiz…​

If you missed our first CBTF Quiz you can take it after completing our second CBTF quiz during the second week of class. Quiz 0 is extremely easy and will only take you 5 minutes. So you can take it during the time slot you reserve to take Quiz 1.

If you missed our second CBTF quiz you should schedule a separate time in the CBTF to take that quiz. Contact the CBTF to make arrangements.

8. Keep In Mind

  • We don’t start counting lecture participation until the third week of class

  • We don’t start counting lab participation until the third week of class

  • All of the first three week’s homework will be due at the end of the third week of class

Good luck catching up! Please contact us on the forum if you have any trouble or questions.

CS 125 is now CS 124

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